“I’ve been doing yoga for over a decade.  It wasn’t until private yoga and bodywork sessions with Janine that I started to understand the subtlety and magic of the practice from a total body-mind-spirit perspective.  Working with her has deepened my interest in yoga and led me to new avenues of healing of which I had not previously been aware. Janine is very intuitive, body-knowledgeable, and infectiously energetic in her work.  I have benefited immensely from our sessions together and highly recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice.” –Andrew M.


“Janine is so grounded and intuitive as a teacher. In a private session she can give you exactly what you need that day. Her teaching is like undoing a knot with a fine tooth comb, specific and effective. As a yoga teacher myself, I really appreciated the opportunity to work one on one with someone who can take you so deep into your yoga practice and into yourself. Once she suggested to me stretching my wrists in a specific way before working with students and clients to ground myself and I use that all the time.” ~Kim N.


“I walked into Janine’s yoga class for the first time overtwo years ago. It was few weeks after my breast cancer surgery. I was feeling broken physically and emotionally. I couldn’t move my left arm from lymph node dissection and my whole left side of my body was tight and painful. I’ve done yoga before but this one was different. It was more than just stretching and relaxing it was something I have never experienced  in any yoga class. Janine was genuine and very helpful , she listened to me and used her magical intuition to speak to me. She addressed my physical pain and also my emotional. We spoke after class and we continued to do that every time and she opened my eyes to many emotional blockage I had in my body that was contributing to my physical pain. I continued to attend her classs. I looked forward to seeing her and feeling her energy. 
Even after I had recovered and after all the yoga body mind connection and breathing I learned from her and after I had my left arm motion back to were it was before surgery (which surprised my doctor) in such a short time. I continued to go because I had so much more to work on.
I did private yoga sessions with Janine to help me with adjustments to my practice to help with my chronic migraine that I’ve been living with for years. We spent time talking and discussing were my pain could be coming from and how to use yoga tools to relieve my physical  and emotional pain. She also introduced me to essential oils to combine with my yoga practice.
Janine continued to touch my life and help me with her wonderful life coaching techniques and hands on methods.
Two years later. I am cancer free and pain free. I’ve learned to address my issues early and follow my dream and live life and not worry constantly. I know I still have more work to do and that’s why I will continue to see Janine on the mat in class and privately. 

I have one last thing I want to share; I am thankful for my cancer journey that lead me to Janine. She is a gem.” ~Faten T.


“Janine’s superpowers include identifying your areas of need and not just how it pertains to your physical body but she looks at things holistically. 
What’s going on in your mind? What’s happening emotionally? Which parts of your life affect this? Where can you work to improve things and grow as a person?
She gives practical steps and holds you to them in an effort to help you improve your life. 
She understands that everything is connected. The breath-work we did particularly as it pertains to my solar plexus chakra worked wonders, unlocking the healing potential in my body and moving me into a state of healthy balanced wellness. 
Through conversation, exercise, stretching and even a little homework she gets you on track to a better life. 
She helped me get back into alignment not just physically, but also in life. 
She has a real eye for identifying parts of your body that need work and adjusting and working them back into a better state. Better than physical therapy. 
If you have any type of ongoing or chronic pain, she’s the instructor for you!

Thank you Janine, you are pure Magic!”- Haik

“Janine is a breath of fresh air. She is warm, grounded, sincere, honest and has a genuine passion for healing.  As a teacher she is direct, clear and compassionate. She uses her sensitivity as an empath to really dive into and FEEL the needs of her students. Her public yoga classes are AMAZING, but you are really lucky if you are able to take one of her workshops or work with her privatelyI recently took her “Hands on Assisting” workshop for Healers and Yoga Instructors (I am both) and she was able to help me realize how much I was limiting my own empathic abilities because of my own fears. Her training really helped me look at my students with a whole new perspective, and for that I am so, so grateful.  She is the kind of yogi that you know practices on and OFF the mat and she is the kind of human that you want to share with and learn from, a true healer and leader. I can safely say that I feel lucky and privileged to be able to learn from and work with such an amazing soul!” ~Ryan Lutz Empathic Healer/Yoga Instructor Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been a student of Janine’s for a few months.  She’s an amazing teacher and is really able to articulate all of the various steps required to get the most out of any posture.  I love her method of instruction and the way that she customizes any given pose based on what my body is capable of.  Always pushing me forward, but mindful of my prior injuries and checking in on me to make sure it all feels okay.  She radiates joy when you see her and its contagious.  When you’re done with Janine’s class, you feel like you’ve really challenged yourself, and your body also feels amazing.  As someone that struggles with chronic pain, that’s the highest complement that I could ever give someone…and Janine gets it : )” ~Angela Saverice-Rohan

“I love coming to Yogala Echo Park for Monday afternoon classes (5:15 PM) with Janine Glass. She specializes in Forrest Yoga , a popular style of yoga which focuses on the body’s core. Janine is really good at kicking your ass yogi-style, making you sore, and making you love it. She always adds something new & exciting, probably something you haven’t tried before (even if you’re an experienced yogi), so the class is always fun! She’s great at taking requests for target areas of the body and incorporating those goals into practice.”~Dorothy Roe

“I have been attending yoga classes taught by Janine Glass for over a year now,  and have seen both her and her classes grow tremendously. Janine has a keen sense of knowing how to read her students and creating a yoga class that is suitable for all levels including myself.  Her attention to detail, guided by her growing talent of teaching yoga, has kept me coming to her class weekly. Since I began her classes, l have experienced much more flexibility in my stiff spine, and I feel more flexible and grounded every time I leave. Janine is a caring and loving person who takes a personal interest in her students and their progress. I couldn’t be more pleased to know her personally and to be a regular student in her classes.” ~John Ditmar

“I was completely new to yoga when I began taking private lessons with Janine in 2011.  I am so happy to be working with her – she is patient with beginners and is very attentive to individual needs and capabilities.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot, and I have definitely gained strength, flexibility, and confidence in my body, in only a few months.  Each week, Janine focuses on a different aspect (strength, core work, releasing tension, etc.), which not only keeps the lessons interesting, but allows me to work on particular areas that need attention at any given point.  Also, she always explains the traditional learning behind poses and breathing techniques, which makes everything I’m working on more meaningful.  Overall, she keeps the pace interesting and challenging, and she is wonderful at encouraging even a newbie like me to try new things and push myself.  Even though I know each session will be a real workout, I look forward to my time with Janine every week!” ~Catherine Anderson

*None of these testimonials are paid or yelped;)