J9YogaCo Spirit Jewels


Welcome to J9YogaCo Spirit Jewels! Manifested  and conceptualized  from my love of fashion, healing, creating, and sharing! Each crystal is hand picked by yours truly, and infused with energy and love while in the making. I hand wrap each crystal to perfection, and seal and give to you so that you may walk through this beauty-filled life with energy open, clear, happy, and free. Each necklace is one-of-a-kind and so very unique.
I have found that my clients are being called to their crystal and it makes the process all the more beautiful.
>small crystal with antique brass chain (short or long)- $125
>medium crystal with antique brass chain (short or long)- $165
>medium crystal with wood matte beads-$195
>large crystal with wood matte beads-$225

All Spirit Jewel Necklaces are made with love and impeccable intentions in Los Angeles.

Email J9YogaCo@gmail.com

Custom orders are now being accepted!