“Teaching another how to awaken their inner fire and to begin to discern the voices of their conditioning versus the voice of their Spirit is the basis of Forrest Yoga Teaching.” ~Ana Forrest

After practicing several different styles of yoga for years, Janine walked into her first Forrest yoga class and immediately fell in love with the principles and philosophy of Forrest yoga:  Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. These principals and philosophies brought her out of her head and into her body and have come to define her teaching style. Over the past few years she has learned to teach students to go deeper to finding their truths; she encourages you to take the gifts you have learned beyond the mat and into the rest of your life. Janine’s classes are playful, challenging, and allow students to deepen their awareness of mind and body. She teaches students from an authentic place; to celebrate the beauty of life and the power of their authentic Spirit.

Janine Glass is a RYT with training from Ana Forrest through her Foundations Course , has completed the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Forrest Yoga Guardian, Colleen Millen and completed the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. Janine has also completed the YogaWorks Bridge Training 50+hrs.

What you can expect from a Forrest Yoga practice?Expect to be challenged! While not the non-stop flow of a typical vinyasa class you will sweat and get stronger and get your “workout”. Unlike a vinyasa class you will have more time to stay with postures to go deeper, a process that can bring both pleasure or discomfort and offers you greater benefits. Expect some unfamiliar cues and postures unique to Forrest Yoga that are designed to help you unravel neck tension, help stretch and bring awareness to your hands and feet, unlock stiff shoulders, and decompress your low back. Expect hands-on assistance. Forrest Yoga adjustments are wonderful and help you to both understand alignment in poses as well as experience tactile feedback during your practice.
Forrest Yoga is great for everyone but especially for those who: suffer from chronic injuries or health conditions, have sedentary repetitive-task jobs (ie lots of sitting and typing), and high-impact athletes prone to repetitive-stress injuries. The sequencing and emphasis on both strength and therapeutic release serve the above types very well. Overall Forrest Yoga is a great complement for any physical activity and can suit any body who is looking to reduce stress, breathe more fully, and have a greater sense of freedom in their bodies and lives.

Janine is based in Pasadena and is available for both corporate, private and class instruction in the Los Angeles area. .

To contact Janine please e-mail at J9YogaCo@gmail.com

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